Landscape Design

Today, homeowners want more than just simple landscaped areas on their property. They want outdoor spaces that look unique and ones that will add value to their home. In this respect, landscape designing is a service that many people opt for. We at Herman Bros. Landscape have been in this space for a number of years. In this time, we have tackled a large number of landscaping projects in and around Suffolk County.

Though it’s important to ensure that the installation is carried out to perfection, it’s even more important to have very good landscaping plans. This is not a job that a novice can handle; it requires deep knowledge about horticulture, hardscaping, soil conditions, aesthetics and functionality. It’s only when all these aspects work in tandem that you can get landscaped areas that complement the look of your property and are functional too.

Landscape Design- Factors to Take into Account

We know what it takes to create comprehensive landscape design plans and these are always and mix of aspects such as:
  • Vegetation
  • Grading (if any)
  • Layout & size of your property
  • The existing elements
  • Hardscaping and softscaping
  • Installation of various decorative features
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Water features
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage

When it comes to overall property enhancement, landscape design is the one aspect that cannot be ignored. We have the expertise to provide custom solutions based on your specific needs. While we prioritize providing you with the best solutions, we never compromise on quality or cut corners. The best materials are used in the work and we also make sure that the workmanship is outstanding.

Creating Stunning Garden Design Concepts

Our on-site supervisors ensure that all the personnel work in a steady and meticulous manner and that the work is completed in a detailed way and within the stipulated timeframe. We are extremely passionate about our work and that is what gives us an edge over our competitors. We plan that the garden design plans create a seamless look on your property. We achieve this by taking the architectural elements of your home into account while designing these spaces and make sure that the theme that we plan the landscape on, matches the look of your home. This adds to the curb appeal of your property.

When you tell us what your requirements are, we first keep those in view while designing your garden or yard. If you have any outdoor features on your property, we ensure that there is no clash of design concept in what we suggest for these spaces. If you have some specific landscape designing ideas, we give them form.

If you prefer that we provide you with all the ideas, we can do that too. For more information about our specialized landscape design concepts and installation services, call Herman Bros. Landscape at 631-360-2939. Alternatively use the online form on our website to get in touch with us, and we will call you within the shortest possible time.