When you have outdoors spaces on your property, it is but natural that you would want to have different types of trees, bushes and shrubs on them. In most cases, people also end up having a patch of lawn too. The simple fact is that greenery adds a very distinctive touch to the landscape and makes it look alive. We at Herman Bros. Landscape understand this and over the years have provided excellent plants and trees to residential property owners across Suffolk County.

We have a team of highly experienced horticulturists that are able to pick the best plantings as per your specific needs. We focus on procuring these plants from the best nurseries, which means they will largely be free of disease. This keeps your overall landscape healthy and reduces your maintenance costs. When you call us with your requirement, we first understand what your ideas for these open spaces are. We keep the overall theme of the garden or yard in mind and then choose the right plants for you.

When you have the right type of plant installations, it helps define the landscaping and create a visual break. It’s possible to use shrubs to segregate areas and give the landscape a complete look. Cleverly chosen and appropriately planted bushes can also create privacy screen and can be used as a “green” boundary wall. It’s possible to grow trellises and vines on bare exterior walls and pergolas etc to create a unique look.

Landscape Planning – The Different Aspects

When we handle your landscaping project, we pick the shrubs and plants with great care; we take into account the watering needs of different plants and try to ensure that there isn’t much of a variation in this aspect. It helps in planning the irrigation more expertly too. The other factors that have to be kept in view are:
  • The right plants
  • The correct spot
  • Eventual shape and size of the plant, shrub or tree
  • Climatic conditions
  • Existing soil conditions
  • Watering needs
  • Type of drainage that will be needed

Tree Growth Factors

In addition, we take some other factors into account as well; it’s important to keep in view the tree growth of the different plants. While some plants and trees have root systems that grow almost near the surface, some have roots that grow deep into the ground and spread wide too. It’s very important that these plants and trees be planted far away from the foundation of your home or any other outdoor structure on your property. It ensures they won’t encroach on the structure foundation and cause damage to it.

Having a detailed garden plan helps ensure that you have low maintenance plantings that will stay healthy and add to the beauty of your property. We always focus on the color, shape and form of different trees and plants to create landscaped areas that look well-balanced and create a seamless look on your property. For more information about our expert planting services, call Herman Bros. Landscape at 631-360-2939. Alternatively use the online form on our website to get in touch with us, and we will call you within the shortest possible time.